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bulletPattaya One Day Tour
bulletPattaya 1 Flight of the Gibbon
bulletPattaya 2 Coral Island & Alcazar Show
bulletPattaya 3 Cartoon Net Work &Colosseum Show
bulletPattaya 3 Elephant Trekking & Alcarzar Show

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   It has been our pleasure to serve thousands of travelers here on Khao San Road since we opened in different nations and backgrounds and are proud 1994.  We enjoy meeting people from many of the reputation Pawana Tour has earnedcan be full of challenges - for travelers and for . Travel planning travel agents your travels are as trouble free (and cheap) as .  It is our job to work with you and make sure that possible to  showing  you how reliable, economical, and  Your travel happiness is our goal.  We look forward friendly our service is.  

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